Shiva Nataraj – £29.99
(Full Orchestra)
Score & Parts

Dances of India – £9.99
(woodwind, horns, percussion, strings)

Pawitra Naukari – £29.99
(Sacred Service for Orchestra, Choir,
Narrator, Tabla & Tanpura)

Araphin Dance Suite

The Flames of Lanka
(Orchestra, Sitar, Tabla, Tanpura,
Narrator, Choir & Children’s Choir)

The Flames of Lanka
(Arranged for smaller orchestra)

Sangitara – £15.99
(String Orchestra & Tanpura)
Score & Parts



Concerto for the Instruments of an Orchestra
Published by Schotts
(Full Orchestra)

Keith Emerson Piano Concerto

Dhammapada – £29.99
(Concerto for Solo Percussion & Orchestra)

Violin Concerto No.1
(Violin, Orchestra, Sitar, Tabla & Tanpura)

Sarangi ka Sangit – Violin Concerto No. 2 – £29.99
(for Violin, Orchestra & Tanpura)
Score & Parts

(Clarinet & Orchestra)

Mahasamana – £19.99
(Piano & Orchestra)

Mandala ki Raga Sangeet – £29.99
(Concerto for Flute & Orchestra)
Score & Parts (PDF only)

PIANO REDUCTION of Mandala Ki Raga Sangeet – £9.99

Shanai Awaz – £29.99
(Oboe Concerto)
Score & Parts (PDF only)


Maple Leaf Rag
(Arrangement for Piano & Orchestra)

Pictures from an Exhibition – Mussorgsky
(Orchestrated by John Mayer)

Fanfare for the Common Man – Copland
(Arranged for Full Orchestra)